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How to manage digital signature
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Starting with PhysioFlow software 2.8.4, it is possible to configure several digital signatures.
this can be done by clicking on "manage users" on the main screen of the physioflow software, and entering the admin password. By default this password is "admin" without quotes.
After that it is possible to

  • delete a user by double-clicking on the back cross next to the user. The admin user can not be deleted
  • create a new user by clicking on "Create User", then select
    1. an identifier, which will be used to select the signature when generating reports
    2. a password, which will be asked when generating reports with this user's signature
    3. a first name and last name which will be printed on the report as "Electronic signature: FirstName LastName" after the calibration table
  • change a user password by clicking on the "change password" button. When modifying the admin's password, be very cautious to write down the new password somewhere else.

WARNING: There is no way to recover a lost password, so be very cautious if you need to change the admin password: Losing this password means you won't be able to create/delete/update users any more.

There is no way to change an existing user's identifier, first name or last name. The recommended way is to delete the user and recreate it.

More information on how to use digital signature can be found at

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