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How do I import my measurements from Physioflow software ?
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Import data from PhysioFlow® software

Availability: on the software home screen.

This function allows retrieving PhysioFlow® data from source directory and storing it in the software data base.


Users who want to import data exported by any other users also using PhysioFlow® software 2.x.y can choose the source “New PhysioFlow® Software 2.x.y”, and users of previous generation V10x PhysioFlow® software can choose the source “PhysioFlow® Software v107 (previous generation)”.

Note: Device information and some measurement parameters like Averaging and HD-Z state, and data from signals preview and calibration are not available for measurement imported from PhysioFlow® software v107 (previous generation)

  • In case the source is PhysioFlow® Software 2.x.y, select the pfdz or pfd file which has been exported. In case the source is PhisioFlow software v107, select the directory of the patient database of the previous generation PhysioFlow® software. Then click on the “Select folder” button.


Users must select a folder, not a file. The folder must contain at least a .PFP file and a sub-folder with the same name containing at least one file for each of the following extensions: .PFS, .PFM and, .PFK


Previous generation V1.x.x PhysioFlow® software patient data base is located by default in :

C:\PhysioFlow Patients\

  • The software shows the progression of the folder analysis

  • After the analysis the software shows a window with all patients in the data base and their associated measurement. This window allows selecting which measurements to import.
The software allows selecting all or only some of the measurements contained in the previous software generation data base. The measurement can be sorted by their date of creation or by their comment.

Users can all select the “All measurements” option and then import all data from all patients contained in the data base.


  • The software shows the progression of the data import

According to data base size this procedure can take some time so the software displays the progress percentage and an estimation of the remaining time until the end of the procedure. If selected measurement are already in data base, the software will detect it and ask users what to do:


  • Once the import is done, the software shows a success message.


Some informations and data are not available for imported measurements from previousPhysioFlow® software generation v107:

  • All Device information
  • Averaging value
  • HD-Z state

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